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A re-imagining of the 1966 World Cup (in the very dim light of Brexit).

by Simon Tyszko

featuring Pierluigi Billone’s 1+1=1

performed by Dunscombe-Endean Duo

presented by the ClapTON ensemble

remixed by simon tyszko

In which we contend that the 1966 world cup was the high water mark of English culture.

A symbolic re-defeat of Nazi Germany and a brief imaginary return to the identity of empire.


1966 was a time of unparalleled optimism within western democracies, as the post war boom finally took hold and an overwhelmingly young demographic experienced a unique period of freedom leading to the social revolutions of the swinging sixties.


Perhaps shaken to its core, England lost sight of and nerve with its post war liberal experiment, and as the inevitable reaction of the establishment to both fight, absorb and commodify the sign and symbols of revolution took hold,  the optimism was replaced with a quiet search for a lost identity.


The economic shocks from the oil producing nations shook the west and in reaction a complete failure of nerve allowed the reactionary forces of Margaret Thatcher to begin the neoliberal dismantling of the post war settlement, and as communal good was replaced by greed, shame became the national identity.


2017 sees us as a nation happy to see children destitute and raped or drowning in the Mediterranean, rather than be given safety from wars for which we bare a large responsibility.


We demonize the poor and disadvantaged and reward the thieving financiers with wealth and status beyond use, yet we hide this loathing in political inactivity and a self hatred which has found a new force in the absurd, illiberal and self mutilating vote to leave a most successful collaborative international project for no perceivable gain.


This film is a meditation on this collapse,

It is purposefully modernist, elitist and somewhat angry…

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